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Even if users don’t click on your ads, they still see your brand name and message, which increases brand awareness and recognition.



In highly competitive like REI, PPC can give you an edge. You can bid on keywords related to your competitors’ brands or products, potentially diverting traffic away from them.


Target specific keywords, demographics, locations, and even the time of day when your ads are displayed. This level of precision helps you reach your ideal audience and maximize the relevance of your ads.



PPC provides detailed analytics and reporting tools that allow you to track ROI and make data-driven decisions to improve strategy.


Unlike other marketing channels that may take time to gain traction, PPC allows you to generate traffic and leads right away.



Adjust budget, targeting options, ad creatives, and keywords in real-time, with the flexibility to optimize campaigns for the best results.


Full control over your budget. You can set daily or monthly spending limits, and you only pay when someone clicks on your ad. This makes it easy to manage your advertising costs and budget.



PPC campaigns can be adjusted and optimized on the fly. If certain keywords or ad copy are not performing well, you can make changes to improve their effectiveness.



Unlike most generic marketing agencies, we were born from within the real estate investment business with a sole focus on our ability to deliver quality leads that get appointments.


We only do as well as our clients. That means consistent data review, constant campaign optimization, and unparalleled client communication.


Science backed campaigns targeting keywords, locations and competitiors. Branded ads to build recognition and legitimize your operations. Strict geolocated targeting to maximize returns and minimize waste.


Search Ads

Search is the core of Google Ads strategies. From keyword research, ad copy, to ongoing optimization, we build and manage campaigns that drive serious revenue. We believe that the best ads aren’t just pretty; they’re also relevant. That’s why every single one of our clients sees meaningful results.

Leverage your videos on YouTube Ads. Though Video Ads and Search Ads are closely related, the strategies are much different. You need an agency like PPC Force that knows and understands the difference.

With re-marketing we bring visitors back to your brand to encourage conversions with display, video and search remarketing management.

Our team creates websites that reflect your brand and most importantly, convert. We take into account your target audience and overall goals to create a solution you’ll love and will increase conversion rates substantially.

We don’t guess or hope for the best with your SEO campaign. Our SEO strategies are developed in-depth testing, backed by data. We prove our results every time with every client. The work does not end with ad clicks. We make sure your clicks are converting.


How do I know PPC Force is the right agency for me?

We specialize in helping REI companies achieve the optimum ROI. Our list of clients include many of the TOP 20 companies in the US and we believe our strategy and approach is unique. We will cover in our first meeting how we work, hear about your goals, and we can both assess if we are a good fit.

No, however, we tend to work with clients who spend at least $5k a month and aim to grow their digital leads.

We’re selective about the clients we partner with, making sure that it’s a great fit for both parties before signing on the dotted line. Our initial contract is 3 months long and month-to-month after that. However, our focus is on maximizing ROI and client satisfaction and we earn your business through our performance. Working with us is 100% your choice.

$1500 onboarding fee. We charge 15% of spend, with a monthly minimum fee of $2750.

We can build campaigns and get rolling in usually 3-5 business days.

Our high-performance makes us unique. While some other agencies rely heavily on Google automation for bidding. However, data in REI is sparse, limiting the effectiveness of “auto-bidding”. We optimize the bids manually based on our own in-house data analysis.


Raul @ Sell House Cash Now

So first off the communication and professionalism is very good with this company. Steve, Prem, Nik are very helpful knowledgeable. They were very accessible to book calls, and see what was going on with the campaign. They broke down and taught me a few different things that I was not aware of, and got some business coaching out of it to from one of the top wholesalers in the country

The methods worked, and it got me a lower leads per contract in my previous provider, even though the lead cost was higher. My sales people were happier because the leads were better quality. You get what you pay for the service as a premium cost but there’s a really good team behind it

Benmont @ Integrity First Homebuyers

Glen @ Kendall Partners

We have greatly enjoyed our time with PPCForce. Steve, Prem, Nik, are all very high level communicators who have your business in mind when helping develop ads and go out of their way often to help support in developing processes and strategies to make best use of the leads they produce.

Knowledgable, responsive, and very understanding of how to help you thrive, you can tell that they care and that they are willing to go the extra mile.


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