Google Ads Vs Google AdWords Versus AdSense – The REI Guide 

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Has your property been vacant for months? Are you looking for the ideal investor to purchase your wholesale real estate assignment? Gaining property visibility is one of the many challenges most real estate investors face. If you’re experiencing the same, you might turn to digital marketing for a solution.

If you did, great! You’re on the right path. Digital marketing exceeds the reach potential of traditional marketing efforts. But if you’re new to this, the tools and terms used in this trade might need to be clarified. This blog post is here to clear up any confusion and help you pick the right tool for your strategy.

Google AdSense, AdWords, and Google Ads are probably the most common Google tools in online marketing, and you might have heard of these digital advertising platforms often. But what’s the difference between them?

What Is Google AdSense?

AdSense is an advertising program released by Google in 2003. It’s a free and easy way to monetize your website by displaying ads.

Getting started on AdSense is pretty simple. All you have to do is register an account and add the code given to your website. Once done, AdSense will start showing ads related to your content directly on your website. Once visitors begin clicking these ads, you start earning money.

Google Ads Vs Google AdWords
Google Ads Vs Google AdWords

What Is Google Ads?

First, let’s clarify the confusion between Google AdWords and Google Ads. Google AdWords is the last name of Google Ads, a pay-per-click advertising platform. 

Google Ads is an online advertising program that allows businesses to create and manage paid advertising campaigns in various formats, including text-based, static image, or video ads.

With Google Ads, you can find and target potential customers based on their search queries, interests, and geographical locations. There are two types of ads you can create in Google Ads, and these are:

  • Search ads: Ads that display above the organic search results when a user searches for a keyword.
  • Display ads: Ads that appear alongside related website content, such as blog sites or YouTube videos.

How Do They Differ?

Now that you know what these tools are, it’s time to set them apart:

Purpose and Function 

The most evident difference between the two is their purpose and function. In essence, Google Ads generates traffic to your site using search and display ads. You can target potential customers by their interests or search queries with search ads.

In contrast, Google AdSense generates traffic to a different site by showing related ads on your web page. You can also use the same principle to gain traffic to your website by using Google Ads’ display ads. With display ads, your ads will appear alongside relevant web pages on a different website.

Pricing / Costs 

Google Ads is a paid service; you must pay for each click or impression your ads make on other websites. The amount you pay per click depends on the competition and how much you will pay for each click.

On the other hand, AdSense is free to use. You can earn a commission every time a visitor clicks on the hosted display ads showing on your website.

Type of Ads 

As mentioned, you can run text and display ads in Google Ads. However, you’re not only limited to these types of ads with this tool. You can also run responsive display ads, shopping ads, and ads that redirect to Apple App Store or Google Play Store.

Most of the ads you can host on your website are display ads, such as rich media, videos, and interactive ads. You can also host link ads on your site. With Google AdSense, you can’t run text-based ads.

Which One Is Right for You?

These two Google advertising tools serve different purposes, and you can use both simultaneously for your digital marketing strategy.

If you want to run targeted and cost-effective ad campaigns, Google Ads is the right tool. However, if you want to monetize your website and increase its traffic by displaying ads related to your content, AdSense can be a great way to supplement your income.

When used right, you can use the money you earn from Google AdSense to run more effective campaigns with Google Ads. As your budget for paid ads expands, you can run more powerful ads and reach more homeowners or renters to check out your property.